Error Handling in Service Broker procedures

Error handling in T-SQL traditionally has been a sort of misterious voo-doo for most developers, with it’s mixture of error severities, SET settings like XACT_ABORT, ARITHABORT or ARITHIGNORE and the options to handle the error on the server or at the client. For a long time now the best resource... [Read More]

log4net Tutorial

One of the greatest logging tools out there for .NET is log4net. This software is the gold standard for how logging should be done. It is simple, powerful, and extensible. The best part is that it is part of the FOSS community. What could be better? The one thing I... [Read More]

Asynchronous Programming with Async and Await (C# and Visual Basic)

You can avoid performance bottlenecks and enhance the overall responsiveness of your application by using asynchronous programming. However, traditional techniques for writing asynchronous applications can be complicated, making them difficult to write, debug, and maintain.Visual Studio 2012 introduces a simplified approach, async programming, that leverages asynchronous support in the .NET... [Read More]