5 Simple Ways to Improve Employee Utilization and Productivity

So you’re busy, business is booming, but yet you still think you can get more out of your team. All too often companies strive to improve productivity and utilization without truly understanding the current state of play. In this article we discuss some simple ways in which you can analyze... [Read More]

Keep Your Azure Secrets Safely Out Of Git

Application development these days often requires maintaining and securing credentials for numerous third party services and external tools. Your database, error tracker, and email integration services all require you to present a token or password for authentication and authorization.If you’re keeping your source code out in the open, like on... [Read More]

Redis Cheat Sheet

When you encounter a Redis instance and you quickly want to learn about the setup you just need a few simple commands to peak into the setup. Of course it doesn’t hurt to look at the official full command documentation, but below is a listing just for sysadmins. [Read More]

When to Use a Thread-Safe Collection

The .NET Framework 4 introduces five new collection types that are specially designed to support multi-threaded add and remove operations. To achieve thread-safety, these new types use various kinds of efficient locking and lock-free synchronization mechanisms. Synchronization adds overhead to an operation. The amount of overhead depends on the kind of synchronization that... [Read More]

How to read and interpret the SQL Server log

The SQL Server transaction log contains the history of every action that modified anything in the database. Reading the log is often the last resort when investigating how certain changes occurred. It is one of the main forensic tools at your disposal when trying to identify the author of an... [Read More]