S.O.L.I.D. Software Development, One Step at a Time

Most professional software developers understand the academic definitions of coupling, cohesion, and encapsulation. However, many developers do not understand how to achieve the benefits of low coupling, high cohesion and strong encapsulation, as outlined in this article. Fortunately, others have created stepping stones that lead to these goals,resulting in software... [Read More]

Using Jenkins to pull and build .Net applications from BitBucket

Download and install the latest, native package, of the Jenkins Windows Installer from http://jenkins-ci.org (version used for this instruction: 1.595). Open up the Jenkins dashboard (localhost:8080). Go to "Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins" and select the following plugins to install: Git Client Git Server Git Plugin BitBucket Plugin MSBuild Plugin Install Git... [Read More]

Continuous Delivery with Go

Deploying any kind distributed application manually is hard enough. Complex service-oriented solutions, with their inherently diverse mix of technologies and many inter-dependent points of configuration, offer an entirely new level of provisioning pain. In these environments, having a single Big Red Button™ labelled ‘Deploy All The Things’ is worth its... [Read More]