A foray into the chain of blocks - The human element

Its been a while since I felt passionate about some technology that was beyond a drive in the industry, determined by current need. That need, being fulfilled by a proven and established technology. The MVC’s, SQL’s and C-Sharp’s of the world that, usually, ended up in an implementation with a... [Read More]

Unusual Ways of Boosting Up App Performance. Lambdas and LINQs 

Lambda expressions are a very powerful .NET feature that can significantly simplify your code in particular cases. Unfortunately, convenience has its price. Wrong usage of lambdas can significantly impact app performance. Let’s look at what exactly can go wrong.The trick is in how lambdas work. To implement a lambda (which... [Read More]

Vault by HashiCorp

Vault can store your existing secrets, or it can dynamically generate new secrets to control access to third-party resources or provide time-limited credentials for your infrastructure. All data that Vault stores is encrypted. Any dynamically-generated secrets are associated with leases, and Vault will automatically revoke these secrets after the lease... [Read More]